Beware - Direct Energy Marketers - latest scam

Posted by Sam112 on 2015/11/12 12:06:54
Just want to warn people that the Direct Energy's door-to-door marketers are out there again with even more bullsh**. They were at my door about 6 weeks ago telling me that I had "not replied to 3 notices". Took me a while to even figure out what they were talking about as they are deliberately vague while being aggressive (like you did something wrong). Once I figured out what the guy was talking about, he got an earful.

Last night, I had 4 or 5 of them at my door. This time, they tried to use the same line (now I haven't "replied to 4 notices") but added more bull. The new twist was that the some of my neighbors (they mentioned names) had switched service and were unhappy and now wanted to switch back. But to have those neighbors switch back they needed everyone in the area to "default" their service.

The marketers were very vague and I would say deliberately confusing which probably is meant to intimate some. My spouse had intially answered the door and basically told them "I don't know what you are talking about". In response, one marketer said "well I just explained it to you - what don't you understand" as if anything they said made sense. FYI, at that point, they had not even mentioned electricity and had just kept saying we need your area to "default".

When I came to the door, I recognized some of crap from the previous month - asked if they were with PSE&G and they nodded as if they were. I asked for their IDs at which point they started to back off. The "leader" of the pack then showed me some paper with "Direct Energy" at the top -- When I challenged them further, they just meekly backed-off and left.

I'm sure they would have tried to get me to show them my PSE&G bill to get my account number to switch my service without my approval. PSE&G said, when they get requests to switch service, they send out a confirmation letter and people have 7 days to respond (e.g. say they do not want their service switched). But, I'm sure there are people to may not read the notice and/or don't realize what is happening until they start to get increased bills.

If you have neighbors who may be intimated or easily confused, please warn them. Again these marketers are using neighbors' names to gain some credibility and are very aggressive. Also for the record, there is no such thing as a whole area needing to "default" for any single household to switch service.

Following is a BBB link for Direct Energy which lists similar tactics: ... p-in-houston-tx-16000037/

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