Re: Early Morning Run

Posted by Frinjc on 2018/3/8 18:43:54
If you run south from newport along the waterfront to jersey avenue and liberty state park, then continue all the way south past the flags to the nature reserve and the end of the boardwalk in port liberte (by their swimming pool)... and back, it should be around 12-13 miles. The same distance from hamilton park and back, going around enos at the end is close to an half marathon. In the morning around 7:30 it is glorious, you meet the same people on the WE.

If you are looking at shorter distances, either doing loops in liberty state park, or cutting short there if coming from elsewhere are a good way to build mileage. I sense that someone might be priming for a 10k in may... The liberty half marathon in september is a classic too though I would recommend using salt caps if it is too warm and you are sweating a lot.

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