Re: Early Morning Run

Posted by HPYC on 2015/8/28 11:02:09
I generally run at about 5:00 am on weekdays. During months when it's totally dark then I normally stick to DT and the waterfront area, but when there is some light I run other routes for hills, etc.

I often run on the street, left side facing traffic and close to the outer edge. Sidewalks around here can be very uneven, full of cracks and dark. It's also a bit easier to get a clear view of an intersection from the street. If the street is narrow and cars are coming I'll hop on the sidewalk.

My opinion is that it's generally pretty safe to run early but you have to exercise normal caution. Don't run in areas you're not familiar with or where there are no lights. Don't wear headphones (not even in broad daylight). Do wear reflective gear and carry lights if it's dark. Never assume a car is going to stop, signal, move out of your way, or do anything to avoid you. Just give every car or truck as wide a berth as you can.

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