Re: ABC news questions, is JC Police doing their jobs? Jersey City man charged with pushing ex-girlfr

Posted by dtjcview on 2015/7/16 9:04:06

Christine wrote:

buddyboy wrote:
How about this scenario. A person knowingly walks into a
a police department knowing that they have no
warrants. They tell the cop that they believe that they
are a wanted person. While the cops tries to check if this
person is wanted they attempt to walk out of the police
department and the cop uses force to stop them. Pay day.
The cop will be charged with a civil rights violation and the
city will be sued. You can't have it both ways.

I don't see how a lawsuit against the city would prevail, if, as you say, that person knew that they were not wanted. Wouldn't it be dismissed on the basis that it was done as a ruse?

It's a silly scenario. The police are allowed to detain based on reasonable suspicion, and may hit the perp with filing a false report charge.

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