Re: Serial killer: Body of Jersey City Craigslist "Escort" not found near Jones Beach

Posted by CatDog on 2016/2/13 10:57:31

score09 wrote:

CapnJon wrote:
Uhhh… what?

Indifference. Apathy. Smugness, etcetra, etcetra, etcetra.

The countenances of INDIFFERENCE, APATHY and SMUGNESS are all around downtown Jersey City. Just go try and secure a table at that reprehensible, neoliberal capitalist haunt known as Starbucks (Ticker SBUX -- ought be "SBUX FUX 4 BUX.") So subservient, it controls the electrical outlets and oft sees that they are NOT in working order, lest a revolutionary wish to plug in (God forbid, LOL, LOL, LO "MFn" L!)

All adaptations, believers espouse, talking neoliberal CAPITALIST believers, of course. Lowest scum on planet. The "little Eichenmans." (WARD CHURCHILL WAS RIGHT!)

Let's get us that military! If WE THE PEOPLE ever regain control of what the Founding Padres wanted of us...then WE THE PEOPLE, do just that!"

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