Re: Serial killer: Body of Jersey City Craigslist "Escort" not found near Jones Beach

Posted by score09 on 2015/3/12 23:45:58
America and its reprehensible Capitalist ethos. 200 plus views but no comments, lol. The comfy confines of the Capitalist (err traitor!)

Mama, don't let your girls be deluded. Cuz that is EXACTLY what the Capitalist ethos wants. This was one of our girls! F^&k "America." And F*%k Y'All.

Wishing you best Shannon Gilbert, so sorry you were introduced into the vile and INDIFFERENT Capitalist culture increasingly visible in downtown Jersey City.

What the F*&k happened to this country? F%$king Thatcher/Reagan and the neoliberal CAPITALISTS. These, our ENEMIES!!!

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