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The SILENT Hunchback of Notre Dame w' LIVE Organ

Event title The SILENT Hunchback of Notre Dame w' LIVE Organ
Beginning Date Saturday April 27th, 2019 PM 8:40
Ending Date Saturday April 27th, 2019 PM 10:20
Location Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre
Contact (201) 798-6055
Description April 27 at 8:20PM

There is no better way to pay tribute to Paris’ Notre Dame Cathedral in the wake of the fire that badly damaged the 850 year old landmark than by enjoying film versions of its eponymous book, which was written in part as a call to help save the Cathedral when it was threatened by neglect and decay in the 19th century.

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame" by Victor Hugo is a story of human imperfection, piety, cruelty, jealousy and doomed love set in France’s late Middle Ages and played out with a large cast of colorful characters, including the Cathedral’s misshapen bell ringer – all with Notre Dame as the principle background. Indeed, the Cathedral is itself a kind of character, a supreme symbol for France and the eternal.

On April 27 at 8:20PM the Loew's will present one of the most legendary classic films of all time: the SILENT 1923 version of "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" starring one of the silent era's greatest stars, Lon Chaney, Sr.

Shown with LIVE organ accompaniment by Brett Miller on the Loew's Wonder Organ. ]Screened in a digital restoration.

$12 Adults / $10 Seniors & Kids ($2 of each ticket is a donation to the fund established for the restoration of Notre Dame.)

Chaney had been in the young movie making business since 1917, proving himself a skilled actor in a good variety of roles, both supporting and leading. But Cheney was also proving himself not just skilled, but pioneering in another part of movie production: make-up. In the early years of movie making, there were no make-up departments, and actors were typically expected to do their own, and from the beginning of his career in Hollywood, Chaney had displayed unique skill when it came to devising make-up for his characters and even for other actors in his films.

In "The Hunchback of Notre Dame", he brought the use of make-up in creating memorable film characterizations to a new level, and in the process spurred the development of specialized make-up departments in all of Hollywood's film studios. But it was Chaney's combination of his ground-breaking make-up techniques with his notable physicality and skilled acting that made his Hunchback one of the most remarkable film characters ever -- then or since -- and transformed him into a silent era superstar.

The 1923 "Hunchback" was also one of the more expensive film productions up to then, in part because of very elaborate sets (something that would also be true of the 1939 version). The film was one of Universal Pictures' most prestigious works and was hugely popular. It paved the way for more technically elaborate and big budget productions of all kinds, set a new standard for historical epics, and heralded the advent of characters with elaborate and sophisticated make-up - such as Cheney's "Phantom of the Opera" in 1925.

And prior to the silent version, 1939's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame starring Charles Laughton will be screened, with separate admission, starting at 6PM. Combo pricing is available to see both films. The 1939 film will be screened in 35mm.

If you do stay for both, it will be a rare chance to compare the widely acclaimed sound and silent movie versions of the same story, back to back.

Tickets for our classic film screenings are not sold in advance. But don't worry -- the Loew's is a VERY large theater, so everyone who wants a ticket will be able to get one day of. The Box Office will open about a half hour before the start of show.

At the Landmark Loew's Jersey Theatre, 54 Journal Square, Jersey City, NJ (201) 798-6055 Email:

We are located directly across JFK Blvd from the JSQ PATH Station with trains to New York & Newark’s Penn Station. Close to NJ Turnpike & Holland Tunnel. Discounted off street parking in Square Ramp Garage, on Magnolia Ave. of off Tonnelle Ave.

The Loew's is a place where the great movie going experience is still alive -- a classic movie palace, a 50 foot wide screen, and a real pipe organ for entrance music before most shows! And whenever possible, screenings are still in 35mm.

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Last Modified Monday April 22nd, 2019
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